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Beyond Information: Enacting a Better Future with Filip Van Houte

Beyond Information: Enacting a Better Future with Filip Van Houte

by | Oct 26, 2021 | Soul Purpose, Soul Purpose Videos, Video | 0 comments

Soul Purpose with Flip Van Houte

Filip is a business mentor who creates rebels with a cause who take personal responsibility, speak their truth and make an impact.

Through his Client Closer Academy, he shows entrepreneurs how to create a magnetic brand, a life-changing offer and develop unstoppable sales conviction.

He is on a mission o to create an army of future leaders who stand out from the crowd, wake people up, and leave a legacy to fight the status quo.

His ultimate purpose is to critically thinking individuals who stand in their personal power, think for themselves and inspire others to do the same.


Filip has a thought-provoking podcast where he interviews guest experts with passionate opinions about important topics that don’t get enough attention.

Raw, unfiltered, deep conversations with no censorship.

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With increasing censorship and restrictions on fundamental freedoms, Filip believes that now, more than ever is the time for you to be an online coach and consultant and become free from the system.

That’s why created the Client Closer Academy.

Learn how to consistently enroll clients and join a community of fellow rebels with a cause who get to $10K/months while making a massive impact.
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