Alternate Current Radio


Alternate Current Radio (ACR) is a Texas based independent media platform that specializes in live-streaming, podcasting, cultural commentary, news analysis, journalism, music mixtapes and the pursuit of helping its audience to learn to defend their minds from predatory mass media cartels. ACR endeavors to help educate, foster critical debate and apply reasonable discussion on political, technological, cultural and social issues which exist in the public domain.

‘Alternate Current Radio’ is owned and operated by BOILER ROOM hosts, “Hesher & Spore.” ACR was established in 2014 by Hesher, Spore, Badger, Patrick Henningsen and their colleagues with the intent to build a collaborative space for podcasters, live-streamers, radio shows, artists, philosophers, analysts, bloggers, journalists and music lovers. The platform’s flagship shows, BOILER ROOM and SUNDAY WIRE, led the way as many more creative, informative and entertaining minds have brought their talents to the mixture.

Alternate Current Radio broadcasts have been pivotal in keeping audiences informed and critically thinking about the highly polarizing narratives being pushed by the mass corporate and State media cartels. From geopolitical affairs, to the pandemic industrial complex to cultural engineering and just about anything the mass media tries to politicize and create outrage porn about, Alternate Current Radio and its alliances are there to attempt to find any sane ground left to stand on.

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