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The Oddcast Ep. 112 It’s A Big Club w/ Charles Savoie

This week is another dive with Charles Savoie on the infamous Pilgrims Society. Charles takes us on the continued hidden history adventure concerning the robber barons who built the 20 Century…

The Oddcast Ep. 111 Sorosis of Democracy Pt. 1

This week we have part one in a dive on the man, myth, and legend. (G. Soros) I look at who he funds, and who he’s linked with, and try to let the evidence speak for itself instead of making grandiose statements.

The Oddcast Ep. 110 Whose War Is It Anyway? Pt. 5

Welcome to episode 110, the 5th in the series on Ukraine, Russia, and the American govt’s role in the modern history concerning the three. It’s been quite an adventure, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued patience while I’ve taken the time to research all the info for the series. I came into this knowing next to nothing about the situation, and now, I know more than I’d like…

The Oddcast Ep. 109 Whose War Is It Anyway? Pt. 4

This week we dive head first into the continuing series on the history of Ukraine, Russia, & the U.S. We revisit the State. Dept, Victoria Nuland, and then, VP Joe Biden’s role in the 2014 coup. I also talk a bit more about Burisma Holdings, & the Hunter, Zelensky, Heinz-Kerry & Igor Kolomoisky links.

The Oddcast Ep. 108 Whose War Is It Anyway? Pt. 3

Back again for part 3 in a series on the history of Ukraine, Russia, and U.S. relations. In this episode we look more in detail at the West’s funding of militant Nationalists in Ukraine, and the various modern groups. Plus more…

The Oddcast Ep. 107 Whose War Is It Anyway? Pt. 2

Hot off the history grill is Ep.107 where i continue the dive on Ukraine, Russia, U.S. and NATO. I hopefully provide some info that many are not aware of. Please share this show with others!

The Oddcast Ep. 106 They Are Everywhere w/ Charles Savoie

This week I have yet another deep dive by Charles Savoie on The Pilgrim Society. This guy’s an encyclopedia on Oligarchy. In this episode the Texas Troubadour continues to school us in our ongoing history series on one of the most secretive groups to ever exist in the modern era.

Their order is not our order!

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The Oddcast Ft. The Odd Man Out

Down the rabbit hole we go!

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Odd Man Out is a former singer/bassist from the band We Are The Conspiracy who after 9/11 became deeply interested In politics, & the hidden side of history.

He went from being a Conservative, to a Libertarian, to eventually a man without a party. (Although, he never officially joined either faction)

His goal with The Oddcast is to expose the hidden side of history, & connect the dots that lead all the way up to present times.

One of his main focuses is exploring classic conspiracies, & adding up the evidence in order to discern fact from fiction.

He hopes to take his research a step further than some of the past classic researchers, & give the audience enough facts, & references to continue their education on their own.

Oddcast host - Oddman Out

Thank you for listening!

- Odd Man Out
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