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‘Shifting Soils in Ukraine’ with guest Joaquin Flores

Joaquin Flores joins Patrick, to discuss the rapid collapse of the Ukraine narrative in the West and how this will shapes the realities on the ground over the coming months.

Update From America

Patrick Henningsen discusses the biggest stories both domestically and internationally this week.

Episode #479 – LIVE from Sedona with Guests

Patrick Henningsen and the entire cadre of creators at the ACR/21WIRE Creator’s Summit join to talk current events, health, covid and much more!

‘New Normal Tyranny’ with C.J. Hopkins

Patrick is joined by CJ Hopkins who talks about his recent case in Germany where he’s been threatened with imprisonment over his tweets criticizing government Covid mask policies.

‘When Freedom Rings’ with Joseph Arthur, Peter Conway & More

Patrick Henningsen with a round up of conversations had while on the summer tour circuit.

Episode #476 – ‘Dog Days of Summer’ with Hesher & Ruckus

Hesher and Ruckus sit in for Patrick Henningsen and Basil for the Dog Days of Summer broadcast. Maui fires, geoengineering, artificial intelligence, smart cities and much more!

‘Understanding the Covid Psy-Op’ with Piers Robinson, Hrvoje Morić & Hesher

Patrick is joined by Piers Robinson, Hrvoje Morić and Bryan ‘Hesher’ McClain for this episode of Sunday Wire.

Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield — this is your brave new world…

Hazmat Suit Boiler Room

Alternate Current Radio Presents: The Sunday Wire

Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield – this is your brave new world.

Welcome to ACR’s live weekly omnibus news and analysis radio program & podcast hosted by Patrick Henningsen from 21st Century Wire.

Listeners have come to love this show’s hard-hitting political and global affairs commentary covering all the top stories from around the world, along with some incredible and iconic guest interviews, and a touch of cheeky satire. The final Overdrive Segment also features heady comment from Sunday Wire correspondent Basil Valentine.

Live Sundays 9 AM PST | 11 AM CST | 12 PM EST *

 * 5 pm UTC

Patrick Henningsen is the host of the SUNDAY WIRE radio show, as well as the founder and editor of the independent news and analysis website 21st Century Wire, and co-anchor of Britain’s UK Column streaming TV news show.

He is also a regular on-air geopolitical analyst for RT International News and has appeared on a number of global media outlets.

As a journalist, he has covered events on the ground in the Middle East, including work in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, as well as coverage across Europe and North America, and is a featured writer for New Dawn Magazine in Australia.

Patrick is also a founding member of the Alternate Current Radio Network.

Hesher in Studio

Thank you for listening!

- Patrick Henningsen
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