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Sublevels of Cybernetic Warfare

New tracks and classics from the likes of Scorpions, Goreworm, Cehpahlic Carnage, Machine Head, Meshuggah, Vio-lence and much more on this metal mixtape!

New and Upcoming Metal Releases

Hessian Session – On this mixtape expect new, upcoming and new to the Session metal releases.

Metal Madness Night

Another mixtape of Heavy Metal Madness from Hesher!

Metal Mixtape (19-FEB-22)

Alternate Current Radio Presents: Hessian Session – Feb 19th, 2022 edition

Love & Hate in February

A Hessian Session mixtape for the month of February with songs of love and hate.

Mixer and Headphones


The act of one or more metalheads gathering in darkness to listen to extreme music, drink, smoke, headbang, lurk, discuss the nature of reality and mosh.

This DJ show is a LIVE broadcasted metal session custom made for Rockers, Dirtheads, Thrashers, Long Hair’d Evil Look’n Hippies, Hobo Wizards, Doomers and otherwise enthusiastic dirtheads who live, breathe, smoke and flatulate METAL.

Join host, HESHER, for a weekly face melt through his massive library of music focused on the heavier & darker side of the musical endevour. HESSIAN SESSION features all night mix-tapes, interviews with musicians, tales from the pits in the “Metal Masterpiece Theater” segments, news from the scene, guest DJs, request shows and more. HESSIAN SESSION is for devotees of Death Metal, Blackmetal, Doom, Sludge, Thrash, Progressive, Grindcore, NWOBHM and the rest of those cascading pus drenched sub-genres.

Live Saturdays 8 PM PST | 10 PM CST | 11 PM EST *

* 4 am UTC Friday

About The Host


  1. A diehard Heavy Metal enthusiast
  2. Germanic mercenary soldiers from Hesse-Cassel who became superstitiously feared in the American Revolution
  3. Call-sign for the Host of the HESSIAN SESSSON – Metal Mixtape Broadcast

Hesh, Hesher Dude, Hesher McHeshington, El Hesherino

HESSIAN SESSION is created, produced and hosted by Bryan McClain (AKA ‘Hesher’). An avid extreme music fan and live concert afficianado seasoned in the Bay Area metal scene of California. He has attended hundreds of concerts and festivals maybe thousands (who knows, a lot of beer was involved.)

Hesher started down the path of heavy metal addiction at age 6 when he saw KISS play a televised concert after a presidential debate… It was all downhill from there: Questing for music that was heavier, more brutal, faster, darker, more progressive or novel and extreme. This search for increasingly intense “hessian sessions” was an unquinchable thirst to Hesh and the barbarian crew of dirtheads he banded with in CA, TX and around the world.

Hesher - Hessian Session Host

Thank you for listening!

- Hesher
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