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Ruckus on Joseph Arthur & His Technicolor Dreamcast (15-JULY-22)

Adam Clark (AKA Ruckus) joins Joseph Arthur for the first time for an epic meeting of the minds! (Live music and fireworks included)

Ruckus on The Bryan McClain Show (12-JULY-22)

Adam Clark (AKA Ruckus) joins Hesher in the 2nd hour to help kick off and celebrate the new daily format of The Bryan McClain Show!

Ruckus on The Patrick Henningsen Show (23-JUN-22)

Adam Clark (AKA Ruckus) joins Hesher (guest hosting for Patrick) in the 2nd hour to discuss a couple breaking U.S. news stories

Daily Ruckus: Open Mic Nite: Dustin Broadbery

How the West Was Won: Counterinsurgency, PSYOPS and the Military Origins of the Internet, Part 1
Episode #236 | (6/20/2022)
The convergence of counterinsurgency, PSYOPS and the internet to bring about a new world order…

Daily Ruckus: Speed Kills (Part 3)

Episode #235 | (6/15/2022)
Here’s some (Record) Breaking News…

Daily Ruckus: Open Mic Nite – Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

“Our Hearts were Touched with Fire”
Episode #234 | (5/30/2022)
“Our dead brothers still live for us, and bid us think of life, not death…”

Daily Ruckus: Speed Kills (Part 2)

Episode #233 | (5/20/2022)
Relativity may be a popular theory, but it’s all just subjective to me…

“I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire…”

The Daily Ruckus Official Show Image

Alternate Current Radio Presents: The Daily Ruckus

Your daily dose of what’s currently “all the ruckus” …

A daily news update program that dares to look past the propaganda! Hosted by Adam Clark (AKA “Ruckus”) The Daily Ruckus is a one-of-a-kind mashup of news, opinion, and audible artistry that features an analysis of current events, and commentary on the headline news and trending topics being discussed by the “Media”

New Episodes air Mon – Fri 11 pm US Central (9 pm Pacific | 12 am Eastern) *

* 5 am UTC Tues – Sat

Adam Clark [AKA Ruckus] first got involved with “Alternative Media” in 2013 as a blogger on Before It’s News and as a volunteer and amateur show host for a little known online radio network (that shall remain where on March 25 2013 the very 1st episode of “The Ruckus Room: Reality Radio” was uploaded to Spreaker and shortly thereafter became one of only a very small handful of shows being hosted by the newly formed network.

However, by the end of the year (2013) Ruckus had become completely disillusioned with “Alternative Media” in general, and (frankly) shocked by the deceptive and shady dealings of the network he was a part of, so much so that he abruptly stopped producing content and quietly slipped out the back door, leaving many listeners wondering exactly what had happened to him…

Around that time, he began working full time for a local Moving Company in Albuquerque, NM and practically gave up listening to ANY kind of “Media” – that is until he learned that a small handful of people he used to work with on the now defunct, afore-mentioned network, whom he trusted sincerely had started their own network in 2014 – The ACR

At first, too busy with work to offer much support outside of becoming a regular listener to the Boiler Room and The Sunday Wire, eventually Ruckus began helping out occasionally on the ACR’s website and making guest appearances on one of the networks newest, albeit short-lived shows, and in September of 2014 he decided to make an effort to produce a new show called The Daily Ruckus which premiered it’s first episode on 9/11/2014 – that too, sadly, was short-lived.

Eventually work became too much of a burden, and after only a dozen or so episodes, The Daily Ruckus fell to the wayside and for the second time, he disappered from the scene altogether.

Fast forward to 2020, when the pandemic hit, which both afforded him the time to jump back into the fight, and provided the motivation to never sit on the sidelines again, as the battle to preserve truth in a world full of lies and propaganda became more important and demanding than ever.

After approaching The ACR with the proposal to help them build up their new Discord Server and to help clean up the website in early spring time (2020) it wasn’t long before he dusted off the microphone and stepped out of retirement.

The first official episode of the new and improved Daily Ruckus aired on the network on June 22, 2020 (and the rest is history)

Thank you for listening!

- Adam AKA "Ruckus"
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