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SUNDAY SCREENING: ‘Ukraine on Fire’ (2016)

How the US government and its NATO and EU allies overthrew the elected government in Ukraine.

Henningsen on GB News: ‘Western Media, Politicians Are Clueless on Ukraine’

Patrick Henningsen explains the problem with sanctions as a weapon of war and more.

Patrick Henningsen on RT – Ukraine Update (25-FEB-22)

Patrick Henningsen on RT with an update on the conflict in Ukraine.

BREAKING: President Putin Recognizes Donetsk and Luhansk Republics (Patrick Henningsen on RT)

Patrick Henningsen of Sunday Wire breaking down the latest in the Ukraine/Russia situation.

Mercy - ACR Promo Video


ACR Promotional Video Short

Social Rejects Club - Boiler Room Podcast

Welcome To The Social Rejects Club

Join the Social Rejects Club

Satan's Great Reset Promo Video

Satan’s Great Reset

Satan’s Great Reset

Superman discussion on Boiler Room

“Woke” Identity Politics Have Destroyed Comic Books

The deterioration of modern storytelling, mythology, art and heroic archetypes in one of the most popular entertainment mediums, comic books.

John McAfee on Power

John McAfee on “Power” – (A Tribute)

John McAfee discussing the concept of Power. A tribute video from the ACR team.

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