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Photon’s Soundscapes Vol. 3

Photon’s Belt of Sound – Soundscapes Vol. 3

Chilledscapes Vol. 14

Photon’s Chilledscapes Vol. 14

Photon’s Chilledscapes Vol. 14 for your astral projection pleasures.

Anarchy With Spore Shrooms


Join Photon as he maps out the galactic belt of sound, from Hip-Hop to Electronica and various groove frequencies.

This mixtape archive is curated by ACR’s ‘Photon,’ your galactic guide to all the soundscapes required for anything from a relaxing cryo-sleep to a light speed journey.

Live Saturdays 2 PM PST | 4 PM CST | 5 PM EST *

* 10 pm UTC

About The Host


  1. a quantum of electromagnetic radiation; an elementary particle that is its own antiparticle
  2. The elementary particle of light and other electromagnetic radiation
  3.  ACR’s resident space DJ and host of PHOTON’S BELT OF SOUND

PHOTON’S BELT OF SOUND is created, produced and hosted by ‘PHOTON‘ from Alternate Current Radio. PHOTON is the purveyor of all mixes Chilled, Funked Out, Hip-Hop’n and all things genre mixy.

Pop through the wormhole of sound with ACR’s intergalactic mixtapes by PHOTON every Saturday night at 4PM cst.


Thank you for listening!

- Photon
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