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RuckusWuzHere: KGBeats

Various Techno and Beats from Russia
… Squatting Room Only!
#RuckusWuzHere MixTape #67
[EDM, Hardbass, Pop, Techno]

RuckusWuzHere: Kremlin Kore

Hardcore and Metalcore from Russia
… Putin made me do it, I swear!
#RuckusWuzHere MixTape #66
[Hardcore, Metal, Metalcore, Post-hardcore, Punk]

A Call To Arms

Let me see your war face!
#RuckusWuzHere Mix-tape #17
[Post-hardcore, Metal, Rock]

Mixer and Headphones

Ruckus Wuz Here

A Theme-based Mixtape Series

A weekly

music mashup mix-tape

… Ruckus-style!


Saturdays 4 PM PST | 6 PM CST | 8 PM EST *

* Midnight 12 am UTC 

About The Host


  1. A noisy commotion


RuckusAmongUs, The WordSlinger, AC

Ruckus Wuz Here

Cracked skateboards, smashed bikes, broken bottles, shredded cassette tapes, a maelstrom of scratched CDs… WATCH OUT…! he’s thrown the Television out the window! One can always tell when #RuckusWuzHere!

Join ACR’s, RUCKUS, for a mixtape that will bring your party to new levels of donnybrook melee fun. For fans of metal core, post punk, hard core, screamo, rock and more. If the theme based playlist wizard feels its called for, you might find yourself in the roaring twenties, in the ‘cover-zone,’ or even a night of acoustic songs, all with a twist and a snarl that only RUCKUS can bring.

Hesher - Hessian Session Host

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