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Hessian Session

Explore the cavernous dephts of METAL in the HESSIAN SESSION livestream with mixtapes, interviews, new releases, puss soaked gore metal, razor sharp thrash metal, festering death & black metal, buzzsaw bladed grindcore, progressive prowess, catchy mainstream jams, Neck-Wrecker News Reports and other forms of general ‘hesh’ing out.’

Anarchy With Spore

This mixtape archive is curated by ACR’s ‘Spore.’ When Anarchy arises in the media Spore is there to temper the onslaught with mixtapes for all moods and tastes from a wide variety of genres.

Ruckus Wuz Here

Join ACR’s, RUCKUS, for a mixtape that will bring your party to new levels of donnybrook melee fun. For fans of metal core, post punk, hard core, screamo, rock and more. If the theme based playlist wizard feels its called for, you might find yourself in the roaring twenties, in the ‘cover-zone,’ or even a night of acoustic songs, all with a twist and a snarl that only RUCKUS can bring.

Photon's Belt Of Sound

This mixtape archive is curated by ACR’s ‘Photon,’ your galactic guide to all the soundscapes required for anything from a relaxing cryo-sleep to a light speed journey.

Spaulding Mix

SPAULDING MIX is created, produced and hosted by ‘DANIEL SPAULDING‘ from the BOILER ROOM. Daniel lights up his studio in South Korea every Saturday night and dishes out a mixtape for the ages, captured by Alternate Current Radio for the archives.

Tasha's Trove of Tones

TASHA’S TROVE OF TONES is created, produced and hosted by ‘TASHA.’ She is a professional photographer and artist based in the UK who adds that extra special aural dream weaving and compliments the ACR Mixtape line up with unexpected twists and turns with each mixtape.

Infidel's Magic Carpet Ride

INFIDEL uncaps the genie’s bottle bi-weekly during the Alternate Current Radio Mixtape Saturday festivities for an unexpectedly varied set of musical tapestries woven together as only the Pharaoh can accomplish.

Matt's Shuffle

Join host, MATT MANN, for a genre defiant mixtape experience meant for the the most iron willed music fans. Buckle up for this one as soon as you’re in the ‘smooth operator vibe’ Matt will swing a 180 and take you down the dark roots of metal and then back to ‘funky town’ before releasing you into ‘frizzle fry’ of his musical background.

Guest DJ Sessions

This mixtape series is where we invite our close supporters and friends to contribute their mixtapes to the collection! Join ACR friends from all across the world for their contributions to ACR’s Mix Tape Saturday festivities.

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