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How To Listen

How To Listen

Alternate Current Radio Talk and Music shows can be listened to on most computing devices, smart phones and smart TVs. Let us walk you through a few common methods of listening.

Listen to the 24/7 Stream on our website

In the main menu of the Alternate Current Radio website, you’ll find a “Listen Live” link. Click or tap this link to hear whats currently broadcasting on ACR 24/7 stream. Whether it is playing a recently uploaded podcast, a premiere of a new episode or a currently running LIVE stream, this link is always available in the main menu of the ACR web page on mobile and desktop browsers.

Listen to a recent podcast or mixtape

On the Alternate Current Radio website, simply click or tap on a podcast episode title. You will find the embedded podcast or mixtape player on the show post. Via that player you can listen, download and share the episode directly from the Alternate Current Radio website.

Listen on a smartphone or tablet

All the podcasts on Alternate Current Radio are distributed to most good podcasting applications across mobile platforms. ACR recommends the Spreaker app for the most complete coverage of ACR podcasts and for a good mobile podcast listening experience. Download the Spreaker app from the Google Play or Apple App store on any smartphone and subscribe to Alternate Current Radio as well as your favorite ACR podcasts within the Spreaker app.

Listen on the Spreaker Website

Alternate Current Radio currently uses for its primary audio podcast hosting and distribution platform. Each ACR podcast has its own dedicated page and archive of podcasts available through any browser. Archives are available on our main Spreaker Page here. The 24/7 and LIVE Player is found here.

Platforms that we podcast on

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