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Airborne & Media-Born Toxic Events

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”Airborne & Media-Born Toxic Events”

The Social Rejects Club: Hesher, Spore, Ruckus, Jay Dyer, Odd Man Out, Grunt, Bazed-Lit. Analyzer

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On this meeing of the Social Rejects Club, the Boiler Room is looking at the recent flood of Alien and UAP/UFO reporting in the mainstream, as well as the latest ‘airborne toxic event’ in the form of massive wild fires in Canada that are affecting air quality throught the Eastern United States. More anti-American, anti-Veteran propaganda via pseudo-science academic types running on funding from the Pentagon (ya know, the former bosses of Veterans.) All this and much more on this episode which is begging many questions about smart cities, technocracy, functional ways to push people out of rural areas, exotic weaponry, covid style soft climate lockdowns, weaponized federal agencies and Spore kicks the whole party off with the country of Sweden declaring sex, as a ‘Sport’ to be watched, judged, and… televised?

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