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Children of the Death Cult
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”Children of the Death Cult”

The Social Rejects Club: Hesher, Spore, Corey Drayton & Mark Anderson

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Reference Links:

  • Canadian fashion company La Maison promotes assisted suicide’s ‘beauty’ in ad – NY Post
  • La Maison Simons’ Dystopian Euthenasia Commercial: (All is Beauty) – Video Link
  • German euthanasia group says it will only carry out assisted suicides on people vaccinated against Covid-19 – Daily Mail
  • ‘My Dead Body’ on Channel 4: Woman prepares to have her corpse publicly dissected on live television: ‘I’d love for people to learn from my illness – Metro
  • AI bot that can do schoolwork could ‘blow up’ US education system, with youngest at most risk – Fox News
  • When ‘Children of Men’ Gets Real: Infertility Crisis Threatens Future of Human Race – 21WIRE
  • Katie Hobbs’ Office Sought Removal of Election ‘Misinformation’ from Twitter – The Epoch Times

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