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Episode #468 – ‘The First Casualty of War’ with Joaquin Flores

ACR & 21WIRE Present: Sunday Wire with Patrick Henningsen

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”The First Casualty of War”

Patrick Henningsen & Guest Joaquin Flores

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This week the SUNDAY WIRE broadcasts LIVE on Alternate Current Radio, with host Patrick Henningsen bringing you this week’s top stories, both domestically and internationally. In the first hour we’ll connect with special guest Joaquin Flores from New Resistance to discuss the incredible information war which is now raging around the Ukraine Conflict, and why the truth is indeed the first casualty of war – leaving most western onlookers ccompletely bamboozled as to how the war is actually going on the ground. Also, the deep state has dropped the lawfare hammer on the 45th President Donald Trump this week, which could potentially upend his 2024 presiential run – and throw US politics further into turmoil in the next 12 months. All this and much more.
Featured Music: Walk-On Army & Permanent Wave

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