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Listen to “Global Trends: ‘A Transformed World’ with Mark Anderson” on Spreaker.

Alternate Current Radio Presents: BOILER ROOM – Learn to protect yourself from the mass media cartels and toxic culture!

On this episode Boiler Room host, HESHER, is joined by MARK ANDERSON ( to discuss an ongoing publication from the National Intelligence Council which, ostensibly, is for analyzing trends for incoming presidents and other government agencies. Trends in technology, environment, geo-political, societal, health, finance and many other topics are addressed in these ‘Global Trends’ Reports. But there is something between the lines and in ones face as they read the “predictions” for coming years. Hear Mark Anderson and Hesher discuss the ins and outs of this series of documents, are they as they appear and just warning leadership of “potential” paradigm shifts which happen naturally… OR… are they written to be ‘revelation of the method’ or ‘predictive programming’? Listen, download the reports and decide for yourself!


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