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Hesher on Sunday Wire (Ep. 413, Overdrive Segment)

Hesher on Sunday Wire (Ep. 413, Overdrive Segment)

by | Mar 27, 2022 | Hesher on Tour | 0 comments

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Excerpt from Sunday Wire Episode 413, recorded live on 27-MAR-22.

Sunday Wire producer and host of Boiler Room, Hesher, joined Patrick Henningsen to discuss the information analysis environment around the topic of the Russia/Ukraine conflict. The big questions of particular intrigue and interest to many of late: (is it a W.E.F. plot playing out? Is it a result of ‘Grand Chessboard’ playing oligarchs? Is it ‘Realpolitik’? Centuries old globalist plans? Typical decay of empires? Some combination thereof?

And the sad loss of Foo Fighter drummer, Taylor Hawkins, brings about far more questions than answers and Hesher and Patrick react to the news of his passing while looking at what information is floating around the interwebz on the topic.

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