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Life in Plastic, Tastes Fantastic

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”Life In Plastic, Tastes Fantastic”

The Social Rejects Club: Hesher, Spore, Ruckus, Corey Drayton & Infidel Pharaoh

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Click-in, as the Boiler Room explores the compounding nature of reporting on changing the human diet, food production plant fires and lab created foods as a replacement… just to get the gears moving… Welcome to the Social Rejects Club’s first meeting of 2023 with no shortage of topics to cover, including: Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest (we discuss whether or not we’re allowed to discuss the elephant in the room). The split in the new House of Representatives GOP party and the fight for Speaker of the House nominations that can actually get voted in while the ‘Freedom Caucus’ digs in against ‘establishment RINOs.’ Rare earth mining, what does it look like? Windmills are NOT green at all. How many hundreds of thousands of pounds of earth go into a single Electronic Vehicle…? These and much more are brought into the conversation, on this episode of Boiler Room.

Reference Links: 

  • Ice Breaker – Scientists research turning plastics into protein powder – Fox News
  • A New Protein Source Made From Air Could Be A Planet-Saving Game Changer – HuffPo
  • You Dig Up 500,000 Pounds of the Earth’s Crust for One EV Auto Battery! – Australian National Review
  • Bloomberg Magazine: Forget About Peaceful Protests – Tessa Fights Robots
  • Bill Gates wants to ‘vaccinate’ animals to give them better genetics – Twitter

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