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Meta-Mega-Nihilism & AI Cultural Weapons of Mass Confusion

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”Meta-Mega-Nihilism & AI Cultural Weapons of Mass Confusion”

The Social Rejects Club: Hesher, Spore, Ruckus, Odd Man Out, Corey Drayton, Terry Wolfe, Karen Hunt & Mark Anderson

Listen to “Meta-Mega-Nihilism & AI Cultural Weapons of Mass Confusion” on Spreaker.

As Artificial Intelligence apps proliferate on the internet and the news cycles are now unable to avoid the inevitability of this incoming paradigm shift… Boiler Room meets to break down the latest in Artificial Intelligence as it relates to psychological operations, current events, and potential world wide false flags against what we think of as ‘reality.’ All this and the new Horror style movie version of Whinney The Pooh, for good measure!

Featuring: Hesher, Spore, Ruckus, Corey Drayton, Odd Man Out, Terry Wolfe, Karen Hunt and Mark Anderson.

Reference Links:

  • Ice Breaker: Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey – the horror movie that’s ‘ruining’ people’s childhoods – Independent
  • Terry Wolfe: I used an A.I. art generator and it was… – Substack
  • Terry Wolfe: ‘Fear not, humans!’ Global AI Summit begs us to trust our newborn digital overlords – Substack
  • Terry Wolfe: The Post-Bombshell World – Substack
  • Karen Hunt: Digital ID and Our Obsession with “Identity” – Substack
  • Microsoft’s AI-Powered Bing Challenges Google Search – CNET
  • AI Created Images (Examples) – Midjourney
  • AI ‘robbing’ voice actors of their trade – RT
  • A terrifying AI-generated woman is lurking in the abyss of latent space – Techcrunch
  • AI created version of ‘A.I. Censorship leading to digital ID’ in the style of Metalgear Solid – YouTube
  • AI Deepfake ‘News Anchors’ Used in Pro-China Videos on Social Media – Epoch Times
  • Movie Suggestion: The Congress Official US Release Trailer (2014) – YouTube
  • Meet Milo: The Robot Who Helps Kids Learn – Parent Map
  • Black Mirror (Suggested viewing): Men Against Fire – Wiki

Muisc included in Livestream: Utility, Walk-On Army and Permenant Wave

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