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Nuke ‘Em If Ya Got ‘Em

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Learn to protect yourself from predatory mass media cartels

”Nuke ‘Em If Ya Got ‘Em”

The Social Rejects Club: Hesher, Spore, Ruckus & Infidel Pharaoh

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Reference Links:

  • Ice Breaker: Dolphins on Drugs – Pass the Puffer! – Video
  • Dolphins In the Military – dolphins-world
  • What We’ve Learned From Giving LSD to Dolphins – Vice
  • Bats With Napalm Vests and Other Great American Innovations – Counterpunch
  • Snoop Dogg Microwaves His Blunts Before Smoking And For Good Reason, Here’s Why –
  • Shanghai Disneyland abruptly shuts over COVID, trapping visitors inside park – NY Post
  • Let’s Declare A Pandemic Amnesty – The Atlantic
  • Chemistry professor under fire after accusations of cultural appropriation – Washburn Review

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