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”PsyOps For Dummies”

The Social Rejects Club: Hesher, Spore, Ruckus, Corey Drayton, Odd Man Out, Infidel Pharaoh

Listen to “PsyOps For Dummies – (Pt. 1)” on Spreaker.


Listen to “PsyOps For Dummies – (Pt. 2)” on Spreaker.

Boiler Room (21-JUL-22)

In the first part of this July 21st, 2022, meeting of the Social Rejects Club, Hesher and the gang are getting some laughs as well as some serious media psyop breakdowns with the deadliest flatulence and the deadliest mass media!

In the second Part of thisJuly 21st, 2022 show the Boiler Room is in overdrive with Hesher, Corey Drayton and Ruckus to round out the show.

Featured: Hesher, Spore, Corey Drayton, Ruckus, Odd Man Out & Infidel Pharaoh

Reference Links (Part 1):

  • Ice Breaker – How a Fart Killed 10,000 People – DailyBeast

Reference Links (Part 2):

  • Faced with more deadly heat waves, US cities are taking an unprecedented step – CNN

Muisc included in Livestream: Utility, Walk-On Army and Permenant Wave

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