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Rise of the CADAVER – Anders Odden Interview

Rise of the CADAVER – Anders Odden Interview

by | Jan 24, 2019 | Hessian Session Interview Series | 0 comments

Anders Odden of Cadaver on Hessian Session
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Alternate Current Radio Presents: HESSIAN SESSION – Live Metal Radio – Saturdays on ACR

Special Interview Session – Anders Odden of the old school Death Metal outfit, CADAVER, joins Hesher for a chat about his upcoming, recently recorded, CADAVER full length album and EP. Anders talks about the resurrection of CADAVER, his touring with SATYRICON, his inspiration as a youth by infamous Norwegian Black Metal figure – Euronymous, the birth of the Norwegian metal scene in the late 80s and early 90s, Metal culture then vs. Metal culture now, his feelings on the upcoming release of the Hollywood adaptation of the controversial book, “Lords of Chaos” and his role as a lecturer on the history of Norwegian Black Metal to up and coming government diplomats. All this and more with Hesher and Anders Odden on HESSIAN SESSION!

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