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Fatal Illusions

Fatal Illusions

Further analysis of the Pulse Nightclub incident, political ‘shock troops’ violently clash in Sacramento as police watch on idly, agism, EU army, Istambul airport attack, fake North Korea photos and much more!

Warriors! Come Out to Play!

Warriors! Come Out to Play!

US political theater of elections, big pharma, zombie media psyops, corporate boycott of zionist industries and modern liberated women with pets instead of families. All this and more…

Hello From the Gutter

America… The End is Nigh

Join ACR hosts Hesher, & Spore along with Randy J of 21Wire, Andy Nowicki and Daniel Spaulding of Soul of the East and Jay Dyer from Jays Analysis. Tonight the Boiler Gang brings the internet show with more twists and turns than a Texas tornado. Spore opens the episode with shocking truths about the treatment of show dolphins and how they are manipulated, the use of Dolphins in MK Ultra backed military programs, we begrudgingly approach the “bathroom topic.” We pose the question: Can America or any other atlanticist country break free of the globalism goals of the New World Order and can it even be done at a national level when the financial system is already internationally globalized by technocrat oligarchs? We laugh at John Kirby dragging his reputation through the muck while blatantly engaging in Orwellian double speak to the press corp, the death of Pop/Rock Icon, Prince leads to a new radio show idea live on air, Trump gets some choice words in with regard to US failed foreign policy in the Middle East and the unfortunate DEATH of Comedy as PC becomes the way of the youth.

Globo-Terror & The PokeGopocalypse

Never-ending Chaos

“Man-stral cycles,” Michael Moore’s “moobs,” the Panama Papers psyop, the smoke screen of the so called classified 28 pages of the 9/11 report, how bankers LOVE revolutionaries, Vaxxed being removed from the Tribeca Film Festival and more!

Lord of the Pedo Rings, Political Correct Hellhole & Political Puppetry

Social Rejects & Political Pessimists Club

Absurd social agendas rampant in universities that project the concept of inanimate objects being “racist.” We break down CIA influence in movements like the 60s counter culture and a thought provoking conversation about the perils of 3rd wave feminism.

Hello From the Gutter

Establishment Hitmen & Media Hacks

“Pre-Trump-Matic Stress Disorder,” voting machine and facial hacking, Hollywood “celebs” who think Trump is Hitler, Beck getting away with threats of multiple stab wounds, the Orwellian use of the term “establishment,” our analysis of mainstream media behaving as disinformation operatives, Syria, Yemen, Libya and the Boiler Room analysis on the new bombshell video showing the LaVoy Finicum assassination in Oregon. Is the Federal narrative of Finicum’s death up against the ropes?!

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