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The Great Race to the Bottom

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”The Great Race To The Bottom”

The Social Rejects Club: Hesher, Spore, Ruckus & Corey Drayton

Listen to “The Great Race to the Bottom – (Pt. 1)” on Spreaker.


Listen to “The Great Race to the Bottom – (Pt. 2)” on Spreaker.

Boiler Room (August 11th, 2022)

In the first part of this August 11th, 2022, meeting of the Social Rejects Club, Hesher and the gang are riffing on a current event in the OC where a Doctor says he caught his wife dumping Drāno in his lemonade after he rigged his kitchen with cameras. And the stories circulating about more than 80 thousand armed IRS agents being hired under new budgetary legislation (spoiler alert: if we were fact checkers, we’d say ‘mostly true’).

In the second Part of the show the Boiler Room is taking a look at the marketing propaganda of the currently under construction ‘Smart City’ known as Neom, in Saudi Arabia.

Reference Links (Part 1):

  • Ice Breaker – OC doctor says he caught wife dumping Drano in his lemonade after he rigged kitchen with cameras – Video
  • Actual Job Posting: The Biden-Harris Regime Is Seeking IRS Agents Who Are “Willing to Use DEADLY Force” – The Liberty Daily

Reference Links (Part 2):

  • Plans unveiled for 100-mile long, 200 metre wide ‘mirrored’ vertical city – Metro

Muisc included in Livestream: Utility, Walk-On Army and Permenant Wave

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