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‘The Viral Myth’ with guests Alec Zeck, Freddie Ponton & Hesher

‘The Viral Myth’ with guests Alec Zeck, Freddie Ponton & Hesher

by | Jun 25, 2023 | Sunday Wire | 0 comments

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”The Viral Myth”

Patrick Henningsen with Freddie Ponton, Alec Zeck & Hesher

Listen to “Episode #470 – ‘The Viral Myth’ with guests Alec Zeck, Freddie Ponton & Hesher” on Spreaker.

This week the SUNDAY WIRE broadcasts LIVE on Alternate Current Radio, with host Patrick Henningsen bringing you this week’s top stories, both domestically and internationally. In the first hour we’re joined in-studio with independent French journalist Freddie Ponton to discuss this week’s Russian coup that wasn’t a coup psy-op. we’ll talk with special guest, host of The Way Forward podcast, Alec Zeck about his upcoming epic virtual event, “The End of Covid”, the largest online educational event of its kind, as well as medical industry propaganda and his work exposing pseudoscience of virology. In the second hour, we’ll connect with Bryan “Hesher” McClain, host of ‘Boiler Room‘ on ACR and ‘State of the Nation‘ on TNT Radio for additional commentary and insights on the state of the media, Twitter Space melt downs, the short lived Wagner Group event and what they’re calling “Oceangate” in the ‘Boiler Room’ obfuscating the laundering of massive events into the memory hole. All this and much more.

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