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‘Truck On’ with guests Thomas Sheridan & Clive de Carle

Listen to “Episode #406 – ‘Truck On’ with guests Thomas Sheridan & Clive de Carle” on Spreaker.

ACR & 21WIRE Present: SUNDAY WIRE With Patrick Henningsen

This week the SUNDAY WIRE broadcasts LIVE on ACR, with host Patrick Henningsen covering all the top stories in US, UK and internationally. As the Canadian truckers roll into their capital city of Ottawa, PM Justin Trudeau has gone into hiding for fear of facing millions of Canadian citizens demanding and end to his totalitarian medical apartheid regime. Later in the first hour, we’ll be joined by a special guest, writer and artist Thomas Sheridan from Ireland to discuss the dramatic collapse of the ‘pandemic’ narrative there, what the establishment’s next move might be as the great awakening continues to gain pace in countries like Canada and around the world. In the second hour we’ll connect with health and wellness advocate, Clive de Carle, for an important conversation about ways to bolster your immune system of overall health this winter. All this and much more.

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