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When ‘THEY’ Say The Quiet Part Out Loud

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”When ‘THEY’ Say The Quiet Part Out Loud”

The Social Rejects Club: Hesher, Spore, Ruckus, Chopper, Mark Anderson & Infidel Pharaoh

Listen to “When ‘THEY’ Say The Quiet Part Out Loud – (Pt. 1)” on Spreaker.


Listen to “When ‘THEY’ Say The Quiet Part Out Loud – (Pt. 2)” on Spreaker.

Boiler Room (07-JUL-22)

In the first part of this July 7th, 2022 meeting of the Social Rejects Club, Hesher and the gang are looking at the REALITY of contestants on the show called, ALONE, and how one contestant rather nastily ‘gets salt’ in her diet while starving, the bombing and subsequent bulldozing of the infamous Georgia Guidestones and after years of LOL’ing at “cuddle party” concepts, has the Boiler Room found proof that Cuddle consultants are now driving around in Ferrari super cars on their earnings made from ‘spooning’..?

In the second part of this July 7th, 2022 meeting of the Social Rejects Club, Hesher, Ruckus and Chopper look at a man living in the metaverse, Boris Johnson stepping down as PM, Elmo pushing Covi-jibby-jabs, doctors being threatened with medical board action if they veer outside the corporate narrative about jabs and covid, TiKTok nurses exploiting sadness for views, how vax ‘efficacy’ is twisted with bunk statistics and much more.

Reference Links (Part 1):

  • Ice Breaker – ‘Alone’ contestant goes to new territory for ‘salt’ supplementation – video
  • Georgia Guidestones Explosion – Fox
  • Georgia Guidestones destroyed by explosives | WSB-TV
  • Georgia Guidestones demolished shown from above | WYFF News 4
  • Video of alleged bomb placed at Georgia guidestones | Media Bear

Reference Links (Part 2):

  • Informed Consent – It’s Your Right & Relative vs Absolute Efficacy | CCCA Video
  • FDA Approves Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine for Young Children | Investopedia
  • CA Bill ‘AB 2098’ Physicians & Surgeons Unprofessional Conduct | CHCA
  • CA Senate Bill 866 Minors Vaccine Consent | TrackBill
  • TikTok Nurse Deletes account after cringy virtue signal video | Twitter (@ateenyalien)

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