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‘WHO to Trust?’ with guest Bob Moran

Patrick is joined by UK-based political cartoonist, Bob Moran, to talk about his work, the state of our mainstream media, the ‘next pandemic,’ and more.

Daily Ruckus: Speed Kills (Part 2)

Episode #233 | (5/20/2022)
Relativity may be a popular theory, but it’s all just subjective to me…

Soul Development

Listen to "Soul Development" on Spreaker.

The Pain in Your Eyes

Hesher on The Patrick Henningsen Show (17-MAY-22)

Hesher joins Patrick to analyze the recent shooting in Buffalo NY at a Tops grocery store.

MAPS S2/E024: War Crimes & The Mandela Effect

The second tech-bubble is popping. Trevor W. is an ABSOLUTE UNIT, and deserves your allegiance and honor. The silliness of “war-crimes”. Mandela Effect deep dive.

‘Euro TerrorVision 2022’ with Gilad Atzmon & Phil Zimmerman

Patrick is joined by Gilad Atzmon, Phil Zimmerman and Basil Valentine to discuss the situation in Ukraine and more.

The Oddcast Ep. 112 It’s A Big Club w/ Charles Savoie

This week is another dive with Charles Savoie on the infamous Pilgrims Society. Charles takes us on the continued hidden history adventure concerning the robber barons who built the 20 Century…

Limits to Psychology

ACR Podcasts

Boiler Room

The original social rejects club

A mid-week talk radio program designed for news hounds, media maniacs, political animals and social rejects! Join host, Hesher, along with a motley crew of other ACR hosts and regular guests as they take a pry-bar to your third eye!


Sunday Wire

With Patrick Henningsen

Your Weekly News & Analysis Omnibus: Lower the blast shields, this is your brave new world! Hosted by Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire


The Daily Ruckus

Your daily dose of what's currently "all the ruckus" ...

A daily news update program that dares to look past the propaganda! Hosted by Adam Clark (AKA “Ruckus”) The Daily Ruckus is a one-of-a-kind mashup of news, opinion, and audible artistry that features an analysis of current events, and commentary on the headline news and trending topics being discussed by the “Media”


Soul Purpose

Hosted by MindSpaceArt

Aimed at inquisitive minds who are searching for fellow travelers in the midst of this digital renaissance, Soul Purpose is an eclectic interview series that highlights the work of figures actively engaged in the promotion of lifelong self-education, whose imparted wisdom should provide listeners with the confidence and requisite knowledge they will need to confidently identify and overcome the challenges of our times.


The Oddcast Ft. The Odd Man Out

"Their Order Is Not Our Order!"

Hidden History, Deep Political Policy, Occult Deconstruction, Economics, Fringe Christianity, & Philosophy From A Rabbit-hole Aficionado’s Point of View.


Mystical American Patriots Society

Sumo & Smokestack's worldview repair and support service.

Warning! Contents may include the following: Bigfoot. The Church Fathers. Enlightenment dialectical philosophy and its woes. Ghosts. How to build physics equipment. Phantom limb syndrome. Cloning. City planning. How to grow your own food. And much more!


Music MixTapes

Hessian Session

Heavy Metal Insanity with 'Hesher'

A face melting, riff-tastic, neck-wrecking metal session every Saturday night!


Anarchy With Spore

Tributes, Mixtapes & Smooth Sounds

“Hello, darlings… enjoy the anarchy”


Ruckus Wuz Here

A Theme-based Mixtape Series

Because every music mix tape library could use a little bit more of a “noisy commotion” – #RuckusWuzHere


Photon's Belt Of Sound

ACR’s music mix tape library just got a shiny new warp drive…

Join Photon as he maps the galactic belt of sound, from Hip-Hop to Electronica and various groove frequencies!


Spaulding Mix

From the South Korean Karaoke bar to the ACR mixing board

Daniel Spaulding brings the nostalgia, the groove and the smooth every Saturday night with deep tracks and hits from your favorite genres and decades.


Tasha's Trove of Tones

A stirring and moving mixtape experience

Tasha weaves a tapestry of cerebral and passionate mixtape textures.


Infidel's Magic Carpet Ride

The ACR Arabian Knight

Infidel Pharaoh’s favorite jams from more genres than you can find in a genie’s bottle!


Matt's Shuffle

Presented by Stoner Karaoke

The only mixtape bold enough to follow Sade and P-Funk with Fear Factory and Morbid Angel


Guest Dj Sessions

Special selections and series

Mixtapes curated and submitted by V.I.P. members of The Social Rejects Club


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