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Economic Warfare Against EVERYONE!

Learn to protect yourself against predatory mass media cartels.

Hour 1

Listen to “Economic Warfare Against EVERYONE! (Pt. 1)” on Spreaker.

Hour 2

Listen to “Economic Warfare Against EVERYONE! (Pt. 2)” on Spreaker.

In the first segment of this episode Hesher opens with a reflective overview of the Boiler Room experience over the last eight years and how the darkness of the propaganda is all dovetailing into the great reset. Are the media lies of the Trump era, the Pandemic era and now the War on the European continent era going to destroy us? Is it too late? What happens when the entirety of the Atlanticist Block of countries cancels a country with over 145 million people? And BTW, what are ‘sh!t coins’ and can a person fund their coffee habit with their bowel movements, via the blockchain?

In the second segment of this episode, the Boiler Room is looking at what is happening with the Pandemic Industrial Complex while the mass media cartels are trying to make the public feel like its no longer ‘a thing’ in lieu of War in Ukraine. The gang maintains that this is NOT the case and that the War is conveniently being used to obfuscate from the continued global, systemic institutionalization of the illegal and immoral Pandemic procedures and so called emergency powers that governments continue to take while the public suffers the now long-term effects of lockdowns, shutdowns, mandates, and experimental mRNA gene therapy. Further topics include the creation of “HARPA” or ‘DARPA-H,’ the Senate voting to end the C-19 emergency powers while Biden promises to veto the bill, a proposed new “W.H.O. constitution” will override a countries constitution in future pandemics or natural disasters and much more!

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