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Mr. Globalist Warmonger’s Wild Ride

Mr. Globalist Warmonger’s Wild Ride

by | Mar 10, 2022 | Boiler Room | 0 comments

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In the first hour: A truly glacial ice breaker… followed by a disturbing ice breaker as Facebook decides to “allow” calls for violence and assassination of politicians and soldiers from specific countries, in specific countries. Then there is the matter of the highly convoluted reporting of 26 U.S. funded bio-research labs in the Ukraine, or was it bioweapons research labs, or was it just a “laughable” piece of propaganda? Between the dissonance in comments of Boris Johnson, Jen Psaki and John Kirby, the Boiler Room will have to run this topic into the second hour to complete the analysis.

In the second hour: Hesher and the rest of the Social Rejects Club continue to explore the timleine of the Ukrainian biolabs stories and accusations and things get even stranger as Marco Rubio and Victoria Nuland spill some beans and contradict the White House and Pentagon statements. What does the Russian embassy have to say on the matter? What does Chinese foreign ministry have to say on the matter? What legacy research has been featured with regards to U.S. funded bioweapon labs around the world on Alternate Current Radio and their colleagues? Tune in to find out and don’t forget to explore the reference links below.

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