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Seven Trillion Reasons

Learn to protect yourself from predatory mass media

Part 1
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Part 2
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In the first hour of this March 17, 2022 edition of Boiler Room Hesher, Spore, Infidel Pharaoh, Chopper, Ruckus and MindSpaceArt are looking at the cost of fuel skyrocketing around the United States. Of interest along the way becomes looking at the economic impacts of Covid response versus what the mass media would now have everyone believing is “Putin’s Fault” or at the very least unrelated to the seven trillion dollars the government created between the Biden and Trump administrations. Hesher features an IG Reel by “Anomaly” which brings into question the amount of money being sent to foreign nations, what could be done with the same amount here in the U.S., the gang reacts. But first… there is the important matter of enigmatic tech oligarch, Elon Musk, challenging Vladimir Putin in hand to hand combat with the stakes being Ukraine. Is this what modern warfare looks like? Who would win in a fight? What would Elon’s Ukraine look like after he vanquished Vlad? All these stupid questions are NOT answered but fun was had.

In the second part of this March 17th, 2022 edition of Boiler Room, the Social Rejects Club looks at how the cost of fuel affects farmers and what that will mean for consumers in the near future. A tweet from Hillary Clinton experiences a major takedown from savy media maniacs. Do we have the space to get morally outraged over hospital bombings… we hope so. Does the US government get to dictate when and where we should be upset about these things… we think not, based on their own track record. Did Ukraine quietly turn into another track & trace Covidocracy overnight under cover of conflict? All this and more!

Reference Links:

  • Elon Musk challenges Vladimir Putin to ‘single combat’ over Ukraine – NY Post
  • Disney employees among 108 arrested in Florida human trafficking sting – NY Post

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