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Shilling for Sanity: Spring Donation Drive Kick-Off

Shilling for Sanity: Spring Donation Drive Kick-Off

by | Apr 20, 2022 | Boiler Room | 0 comments

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Alternate Current Radio Presents: Boiler Room

Learn to protect yourself from predatory mass media cartels

”Shilling for Sanity: 4/20 Spring Donation Drive Kick Off”

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Boiler Room (4/20/22)

Tired of the censorship, sick of the algorithms, fed up with public relations, concocted narratives and politicking being presented as ‘news’ and ‘reality’? So are we!

Alternate Current Radio needs your help so that we can continue to be part of the solution, open the conversations back up and act as a haven for those that do not want to have their minds subjugated by predatory media cartels. Please enjoy this podcast and check out the companion video from MindSpaceArt and consider supporting true independent media!

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Alternate Current Radio is proud to bring top notch independent media podcasting to the internet and will continue to do so as the world marches into increasingly intense times. Since 2014 ACR has been there with our own personalized brand of podcasting in the independent media sphere. We are in the middle of a massive relaunch of our platform and we need the help of our listeners and viewers to complete the process.

Last year we did a Spring donation drive and were able to match all donations. We made leaps and bounds towards our goal of having a media network that is not beholden to the advancing censorship imposed by the Fortune 100, by the State and by unelected technocrats. It is time, once again, for the free thinking people of the world to show their support in this monolithic endeavor.

ACR is half way through a four phase business development plan,You may have noticed our fantastic new web site and some big upgrades in the quality of our audio and video. These are all a result of the hard work put in by the ACR team and the contributions of our listeners over the last year.

We are eager to complete the next two phases of this work so that we can really put the pedal to the metal and show everyone what an unstoppable juggernaught of truth and common sense looks like in a media sphere that is not held capture by corporate interests.

Your support in the Alternate Current Radio’s ‘Shilling for Sanity Spring Donation Drive’ is essential for us to complete this transformation.

Help us complete our establishment in the decentralized facets of the internet so that no one can stop this outlet from reaching those that simply want a place where common sense and traditional free speech are valued and utilized.

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