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The ButterPants Episode

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”The Butter Pants Episode”

The Social Rejects Club: Hesher, Spore, Ruckus, Chopper & Mark Anderson

Listen to “The ButterPants Episode Pt. 1” on Spreaker.


Listen to “The ButterPants Episode Pt. 2” on Spreaker.

Boiler Room (October 27th, 2022)

The Social Rejects Club meets once again to peer into the void of the toxic media feeds. This week they’re looking at forced paradigm shifts by technocrats and globalists such as a push to Electric Vehicles when the ‘Return On Investment’ is not discussed with the public, but rather, is pushed using propaganda tactics. The breakdown in the pandemic narrative, and what is up with those weird kids gluing themselves to fine art and hot auto dealerships?!

Reference Links (Part 1):

  • Ice Breaker – Women show up wearing ‘penis pants’ at music exec Don Jazzy’s mom’s funeral –

Reference Links (Part 2):

  • Attacks on a Van Gogh painting and waxwork of King Charles have made ‘Just Stop Oil’ famous: Who are they and what are they up to? –

Muisc included in Livestream: Utility, Walk-On Army and Permenant Wave

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