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‘Weaponization of Woke’ with guest Tonje Gjevjon

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”Weaponization of Woke”

Patrick Henningsen & Guest Tonje Gjevjon

Listen to “Episode #446 – ‘Weaponization of Woke’ with guest Tonje Gjevjon” on Spreaker.

This week the SUNDAY WIRE broadcasts LIVE on Alternate Current Radio, with host Patrick Henningsen covering the biggest stories in the US, Europe and internationally. In the first hour, Patrick is joined by a special guest, Norwegian performance artist, filmmaker, and actor, Tonje Gjevjon (also leader of avant guard pop group Hungry Hearts) to discuss her being threatened with 3 years in prison by the Norwegian state for allegedly mis-gendering a ‘trans woman’ [aka a man who believes they are a woman] activist in her country, and we’ll also explore the wider issue of how weaponized ‘woke’ agenda is designed to marginalize females, and poses a grave threat to free speech and expression in increasingly illiberal western societies. In the second hour, Patrick is joined by the Sunday Wire’s roving correspondent for culture & sport, Basil Valentine to discuss the latest revelations about the CIA’s role in the assassination of JFK and a review of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. All this and much more.

Intermission music: Artist Peter Conway – download his track: “Modern World
Tonje Gjevjon’s band: Hungry Hearts and their tracks “How Woke Can You Be
Second segment intro music: Utility – “Big Circles”
Outro music: Walk-On Army – “Angst For The Memories

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