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Social Rejects Arrive

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”Social Rejects Arrive”

The Social Rejects Club: Hesher, Spore, Ruckus, Infidel Pharaoh, Corey Drayton, MindSpaceArt

Listen to “Social Rejects Arrive – (Pt. 1)” on Spreaker.


Listen to “Social Rejects Arrive – (Pt. 2)” on Spreaker.

Boiler Room (28-APR-22)

In the first part of this BOILER ROOM podcast Hesher and the Social Rejects are smashing into multi-streaming as the ACR studios are now multi-streaming to Spreaker, YouTube and Rokfin for this maiden voyage into this new streaming configuration. An update on the Alec Baldwin on set shooting on the film Rust, thoughts and experience on filming food (spoiler, you’ll never look at succulent images of food on TV the same), and the silly mini-uproar over the fake news of popular candy bar, Snickers, removing the ‘D-Vein’ from its aesthetic. All this as well as an update on the ACR Shilling for Sanity Spring donation drive, an accompanying video premiere and much more!

In the second part of this episode Hesher, Ruckus, Corey Drayton and MindSpaceArt continue the dive into degenerating culture in media, question the deeper meanings of the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard defamation trial and much more.

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